Suburban Gorilla

One of the most popular project vehicles from Xtreme 4×4 is the “Suburban Gorilla,” which features a Banks Twin-Turbo Duramax diesel power plant derived from our Sidewinder GMC endurance road racing truck.

On Spike TV’s Xtreme 4×4, Jessi and Ian completed the Twin-Turbo Duramax diesel engine for the Suburban Gorilla project. Follow along as the Gale Banks Engineering’s exclusive design of a twin-turbocharged Duramax diesel engine is built up and assembled at the Banks Race Shop. Ian and Jessi demonstrated the assembly of the Duramax engine, the components of the exclusive Banks Twin-Turbo system, and finally the dyno session in one of the Banks dyno cells. Look for the incredible power levels reached on the dyno.

Xtreme 4×4 hosts, Jessi Combs and Ian Johnson, in the Banks engine room having just installed the Duramax aluminum cylinder heads.

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