So Cal Truckworks

Owners: Jim Byrnes and Dana Manjarrez

The men behind So Cal Truckworks not only bring their experience to the shop that they’ve built, but their decades-long friendship. Their combined knowledge and ability to work together is the foundation for their shop, and their customers benefit from it greatly. Jim Byrnes and Dana Manjarrez go way back to when they actually met at the Arizona Automotive Institute right out of high school in 1979. Although going their separate ways for a time, they eventually ended up working in the same Ford dealership, Jim working there for 18 years and Dana for 15. When they saw that the dealership was going to be sold, they decided to take their future into their own hands and opened their shop as a 50/50 partnership in 1998.

Small but capable, So Cal Truckworks concentrates on light and medium-duty diesel and gas, focusing on servicing trucks used in the commercial arena. The shop sports two indoor. Since they own the field next door, they put in a cement foundation and a canopy to make nine additional bays on the outside. Jim and Dana pride themselves on their ability to offer full-service repair and maintenance to their customers, and since they only work on trucks their knowledge of the vehicle’s idiosyncrasies is a massive benefit.

When it comes to performance products it’s Banks that they solely offer and trust. “Banks is the only performance option that we sell,” said Jim. “We’re not a hot rod diesel shop, but if a customer wants a dependable system for their truck that will get them some great power for work or towing Banks is what they need.”

So Cal Truckworks
4170 Riverview Dr.
Riverside, CA. 92509
(951) 275-5351