2003 6.0-Liter Power Stroke Uplift

Katie Kae is new to the diesel upfit scene, but she’s taking the whole thing head on. “This is the first truck I’ve ever built,” says Katie, “but I’m all in. There’s a lot to learn, and I want to show through my channel that anyone can do it if they put their mind to it.”

Katie’s journey into her truck restoration is a new direction for her YouTube channel which started with the intent of it being a fitness channel. “It started out as one thing, but got shifted to another. All through high school and college I studied to be a fitness and training coach. So, that’s where I started on my channel. My boyfriend Ryan suggested that I take part in some of the automotive how-to videos that he was doing, and I really got into it. I never thought I’d get into a hobby like this because it seemed pretty hard to do from the outside. Definitely a weird turn, but it’s so much fun! I’ll still throw fitness in here and there but restoring and upgrading my 6.0-liter Power Stroke has totally taken over.”

For the upgrades to her Power Stroke, Katie chose to go with Banks. “I’m really happy with the Banks products, and the whole thing has been a great experience. Like I said before I never thought I would be doing something like this because it seemed so daunting, but the instructions and support I’ve gotten have really helped me out. It’s also given me the confidence that it’s something that I can handle on my own, which is great for a beginner.”

“The upgrades I’ve done so far is the intercooler, High-Ram and boost tubes, the Ram-Air intake and a Monster Exhaust. The ECU was flashed by the previous owner, so once I get it reflashed and updated I’m going to install the Six-Gun tuner. When I really got into the actual body of the truck, I found out that it was so rusty and rotted that I need to do body work and get another bed. Right now, I’m working on restoring the frame… because it’s awful. It’s been a messy process because I switched from using a wire wheel to sandblasting. When the frame is done, I’m going to paint the truck and get the new wheels and tires on it. It’s really turning out to be a pretty fun and exciting experience. I’m hoping that people enjoy the content, and that they learn something through what I’m doing… and even from some of my mistakes.”

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