Retired Ferrari Racing Mechanic Loves Banks

George Kull is a retired Ferrari racing mechanic, and to him working on diesels is almost a love-hate relationship. “Instead of working in an all-white, clean room in a race shop, I work over the fender on a jacked-up truck. Truth be told he’d rather work on his Ram than any other vehicle.

The retired Ferrari racing mechanic loves hauling his trailer with his 2007 RAM.

George purchased his 2004 Ram 3500 4×4 back in 2008 with 80k miles and started hot-rodding immediately. Now at around 194,000 miles on the odometer, the truck shows no signs of quitting. “It’s on its third complete front-end rebuild, and I got away from most of the stock drive parts. I put some Banks parts on it over ten years ago, and I’ve always been impressed by them.”

“Two that was such an improvement were the High-Ram intake and the Quick Turbo with BigHead Actuator. That BigHead made an immediate change making it possible for me to go up a hill while towing without the turbo losing boost or momentum. No matter if I was going towing nothing or an 18k pound load, that truck soldiered up any hill with no hesitation. I needed to replace the turbo and decided to upgrade it to a larger turbo, and although it works well I sure do miss the BigHead,” said the retired Ferrari racing mechanic.

“I’ve always kept track of the boost and EGTs with the Banks Dynafact Gauges in my pillar mount. I can’t think about getting rid of this truck for a new one. It’s my buddy, and I’d rather put money into this than spend an ungodly amount on a new one.”

Another 2004 RAM powered with Banks parts competed in the Baja 1000 Race.