RAM Epidemic Causes Damage

There’s an epidemic, and no RAM 2500/3500 with a 6.7L Cummins is safe. The inherent design flaw of the factory grid heater is causing damage that could cost unsuspecting customers upwards of $20K to $30K in engine repairs depending on the amount of damage. All of this is done by a factory bolt that comes loose.

The problem causing the epidemic, a bolt.

The Problem

The bolt is located on the bottom of the factory heater plate. It connects the heater element to a post on the top where +12v is connected from the battery. More than 100 amps travel through the bolt every time the heater is activated. This bolt can come loose and fall into the intake manifold. Due to gravity, the bolt will make its way downhill and into cylinder #6. This is where the destruction occurs and why an epidemic of RAM damage is on the rise.

The location of the problematic bolt which is causing the epidemic.

Customer Experience

We caught up with customer Michael Thorne, who, after two grid heater failures on his 2017 RAM 2500 6.7L, didn’t want to play a waiting game to see when he had critical damage. “At this point, I’ve had two grid heaters fail on me,” said Michael. “After doing some research, I found that with the Banks Monster-Ram I wouldn’t have that problem because of the design of their coil heater element.”

“I ordered the Monster-Ram from Banks, and while I was waiting for the kit, I decided to do some maintenance and replace my battery. When I checked on that grid heater post on the outside, it was loose AGAIN! I tore the intake plenum apart, and just as I was removing the grid, the bolt fell off. I was one of the lucky ones because the bolt welded itself to the heater just enough to hold it, but if it hadn’t, it would have caused major damage.”


And think about this: The first grid heater failed at about 40,000 miles, around two years of driving. The second one failed about a year later. Now with the truck at  120,000 miles and having its third failure, Micheal bought the Monster-Ram just in time. Check out this video with a RAM owner that wasn’t as lucky. Gale Banks explains how the Monster-Ram is the cure.