RAM EcoDiesel Owner Chooses Banks

Rick typically uploads family or game-related videos to his YouTube channel, which is why his review of the Banks DerringeriDash DataMonster, and PedalMonster caught our eye. “I decided let’s do something before a tune or something like that,” says Rick, “and I didn’t want to mess with the emissions.” 

Rick was pleased with his purchase. “I’m very impressed, especially the throttle response with the PedalMonster. Incredible! That alone is a huge difference.” Rick goes on to talk about how the Derringer complements the throttle enhancer with power on the top end while the PedalMonster gets the party going, and how easily the power equipment is to install. After a verbal overview of the installation process, Rick goes over how to change the levels of both the PedalMonster and the Derringer on the screen of the iDash, setting them to his ideal levels. “That works tremendously.”

Lastly, Rick went over the iDash itself. “It’s a very useful little thing. I find it convenient, small, it just sits there in front of me and I can adjust the power of what I’m getting into. So, I think if you have the money it’s the way to go.”

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