Ram-Air Diff Cover Impresses Ford Owner

For James Neil, purchasing a Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover for his ’04 Ford F-350 was the only choice. “I was looking to do a routine service on my rear differential, put new fluid in it, and a new cover on. As I got under there, I noticed that the OEM bolts were rusted, and I don’t think that the fluid had ever been changed.”

“When I was researching covers, I saw several covers, including the Banks Ram-Air cover. I really liked that when I went to the Banks product page it went into all the details and actually broke down what made the product superior to all the other guys. The other ones that I was looking at like Mag-Hytec and AFE were actually on the site showing everything wrong with their designs. There were even install videos that walked me through the installation in its entirety. I also liked that there was an option to buy Amsoil fluid at the same time.” 

“I love the fact that you have a sight glass, a fill plug, and a drain plug with a magnet,” James professes. “It makes things so much easier for servicing. Anyone who has serviced a rear end knows that there are always metal shavings in the fluid, and metal shavings are bad for everything. The Ram-Air Diff Cover itself is made out of aircraft aluminum. Everything is premium. The installation was a breeze. I liked that I not only had a guide on paper, but the video as well. Once installed, it was totally leak-free. I’m really impressed.”