Beefing up a Power Stroke

Daniel Stubbs’ 2022 F-250 Power Stroke may just be a personal vehicle, but he wants it to last the long haul. It’s for that very reason he invested in the iDash SuperGaugeRam-Air Intake, and PedalMonster. He explains that it started with the iDash. “I’m very impressed with the iDash,” confesses Daniel. “I’ve actually had to use it for its diagnostic capabilities, especially since I had a check engine light. It’s pretty cool that I could just scroll through the menus, see what it was, and clear the code. I like to keep an eye on my DPF regen status, trans temp, trans slip, and control my PedalMonster right from the home screen. I have the iDash setup in the Stealth Pod, which fits great.”

“The PedalMonster is something that is fun to use. It’s not going to get you better mileage, at least for me, but it does do what it says it’ll do—and it definitely noticeable! I have it set where it makes sense for me, but if I want more, I just crank it up using the iDash. I don’t even have to slow down to change the pedal sensitivity level. Tap tap and keep on truckin’!

“As for the Ram-Air Intake I’m really happy with it. It produces a noticeably deeper tone at idle and while using engine braking. I tow an equipment trailer usually topping out at 12,000 lbs. When I ordered it, I also purchased pre-filter, and I’m happy I did after seeing how dirty the factory filter was. It should make cleaning and re-oiling the filter much easier. Overall, I’d recommend all of the products to other Ford owners.”