PowerPack Transforms Diesel Jeep

Pete Wirch’s 2020 Jeep Wrangler 3.0L has what we call a PowerPack, and he just can’t say enough about it. “I’ve always been a diesel and Jeep fanatic,” says Pete. “When I heard that there was going to be a Jeep with a diesel, I was really excited. Then I saw the price tag and said no way, I’m not going to do that. Then in December, I got a notification that there was a lease return at my local dealer. I jumped on it. This may sound funny but I ordered the Banks Derringer TunerPedalMonsteriDash SuperGauge, and a Stealth Pod before I drove it home from the dealer. Was familiar with Banks products so it was a no-brainer. And, it was money well worth spent. I mean, the Jeep cooks. It turns those 37s with ease.”

“I’d always been familiar with Banks, seeing things showcased back when Spike TV was a big thing. I always watched the Power Block, read the forums, and saw Banks mentioned everywhere. Banks has always been known for consistent and reliable power. I’ve gone with Banks time after time because I want the power, but not at the expense of my vehicle.”

Pete explains why he pulled the trigger on the Banks equipment before taking delivery of the Wrangler. “I’d had already driven a diesel Wrangler several times,” he says. “I was very familiar with the stock power output. Picking it up and driving it home was exactly what I expected. I even told my wife that it was a little slow and that it was a Jeep, not a hotrod. I had seen the videos of people’s reactions to driving with the Banks stuff in their rides, but with all commercials, I take it with a grain of salt. It’s never that good. But it actually was that good! The throttle response and the added power that it made throughout the entire range were impressive. I was thinking that the guys in the videos are actually underplaying it if anything. 

And my wife’s reaction when I took her for a ride for the first time after installing the Derringer and PedalMonster? Well, I hit a freeway full blast and she was just quiet, holding on. She then turned to me and said, ‘What did you do?’ She confirmed I made the right choice with Banks.”