2024 Toyota Tacoma R&D

While Banks Mechanical and Electrical Engineers are working on new Ram-Air intakes, Monster-Exhaust Systems, Derringer Tuners, and more for GM, Ford, and RAM diesels, a few engineers have begun work on the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, which by all accounts, will soon be a leader in the mid-size truck market. 

Since Gale Banks is a fan of forced induction, the new turbocharged Tacoma is fertile ground for performance enhancements. The team has scanned the engine compartment with plans to upgrade the stock intake system and intercooler. The cooler we can make the air while maintaining boost pressure, the more power the engine will sustain under high-load conditions like towing in the summertime. 

While most enthusiasts know Banks for our diesel performance parts, it’s fun getting back to our roots in gas performance. After all, Gale Banks spent the first half of his career winning races and pioneering go-fast parts for gasoline-powered cars, trucks, and boats.