RAM Fuel and DEF Caps

The $.02 fuel cap that covers all 2019-2024 RAM 6.7L fuel filler necks are laughable. Most RAM owners lost the thin plastic cover within weeks of purchasing the truck. And even if you didn’t lose this joke of a fuel cap, it does a poor job of keeping dirt and grime out of the filler necks. Every time you fill up, the fuel pump spout pushes this muck down the neck, eventually ending up in your tank and fuel system. This is why you need new Banks Revolver Billet Fuel and DEF caps

Sure, you can find fill caps for your RAM on Amazon and eBay—but most of these cheap caps don’t have positive twist-to-lock action or neodymium magnets so you can stick them to the inside of the fuel door. This prevents you from losing these little works of art when you fill up.

Offered as a set, Banks Revolver Fuel and DEF caps are machined from 6061 anodized billet aluminum for durability. Beveled edges and large grips make them easy to use, even with the fattest of fingers. 

Our first 100 sets are packaged and ready to go, with more being machined in two weeks.