Power Touring

A few of us here at Banks are stoked to be going on Hot Rod’s Power Tour. I’ve been threatening to go on Power Tour since they started it. What is it nine years already? Anyway, this was the year I was going to do the long haul in my ’63 Biscayne. Of course, I’d need to change its 4.56 gears to something a little more highway-friendly. But, that’s easy.

Well, that isn’t happening this year — because I opened my big mouth. Allow me to ‘splain. I worked as a graphic designer at Edelbrock a few years ago and saw how much exposure and good PR doin’ the tour returned to them. It was incredible. So, a few months ago, I suggested that we go on Power Tour. I was sure it would be a good venue for Gale to “meet the public”, make some new friends, and hopefully, some new customers.

Well, talk about something gaining momentum. At first, we decided that we weren’t going to go at all. We talked about just providing a hot-rodded diesel for the Hot Rod editors to carry their photo equipment in. Then, we decided that maybe one or two of us would go to take photos.

From there, Gale got involved and as of right now, we’re taking five (okay, six including a chase truck) hot-rodded trucks on Hot Rod’s Power Tour and we’re feeding the tour at the Indianapolis stop. Yep, we’re in it for the long haul – Wisconsin to Florida in:

1.) Banks twin-turbocharged small block Chevrolet-powered 1990 Chevy short-bed pickup truck
2.) Banks Chevy Duramax Sidewinder All-Terrain turbodiesel from the TV show, Trucks!
3.) Banks Dodge Cummins Sidewinder All-Terrain turbodiesel (from the TV show, XTreme4X4
4.) Banks Ford Power Stroke Sidewinder All-Terrain
5.) Banks land speed record-holding 222-m.p.h. Dodge Dakota Cummins Sidewinder turbodiesel
6.) Banks workhorse Ford F-450 Power Stroke pulling a trailer full of display booths, spares, etc.

Of course, the number of trucks we actually bring may go up or down by then, but anyway it goes — lookout. There’s a squadron of Banks hot rod trucks going on Power Tour.

Yea, so much for driving my Biscayne on the tour. It’s cool though because at least, I’m going. My function is to chronicle the tour. Every day, I’ll be in a different truck shooting photos and writing stories. How much fun is this going to be? If you go on tour or if it stops in your hometown, please stop by our booth and introduce yourself or pull up a chair next to us at our dinner in Indy and just start talking. We’d like to meet you.

Your faithful,
“Corporate Blogger”