Patented Powerful Exhaust Scavaging

Way back in 2003 Banks was awarded a patent for an innovation in exhaust scavenging. This new ballistic flow device was designed to overcome the aerodynamic problem that occurs where tubes join within a single collector, creating a “dead zone” that kills gas velocity. The Banks PowerPickle fits in that void and utilizes the rotational firing order to maximize exhaust extraction.

This detail, exclusive to Banks, captures exhaust-gas action and turns it into more torque, moving the peak 800 rpm to match the shift point. Banks integrates tuned-length tubes into a design that allows rotational firing of the cylinders in the exhaust, minimizing backpressure and maximizing torque.

Think of it this way: the PowerPickle makes the header’s collector into a Gatling gun, directing each exhaust pulse out separately and unobstructed. This invention is particularly beneficial on V10 engines, such as those used in motorhomes, vans, and trucks.