Kory Willis | Speed School Podcast Ep 3

Gale Banks welcomes Kory Willis, owner of PPEI. The controversial Louisana-based tuner discusses his fight with the EPA. The two talk about making sizeable horsepower gains on emissions-equipped vehicles. Kory also reflects on the valuable tips that he’s learned from Gale. Then the gearheads discuss the future of automotive electrification including a story about Gale’s adventure in Jay Leno’s Tesla Model S Plaid.

Air-fuel ratio is the end of the line fact-checker.

Kory Willis
Kory Willis talks to Gale Banks

0:00 Intro
2:00 Kory Willis, owner of PPEI
7:00 Developing Diff Covers
14:00 Aerospace technology
22:00 Reinventing the Flow Bench
25:00 Measuring Mass Airflow
29:45 Testing intercoolers
33:30 Gale’s latest patent
43:30 Corporate buyouts
47:00 Entrepreneurial business
49:00 Jay Leno story
53:15 Non-lithium batteries for E
57:15 Enemy of performance
1:01:30 1979 Sunbird Turbo 
1:08:00 RPM Act
1:17:00 Words of wisdom

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Kory Willis is the owner of PPEI. You can check out what he’s doing at PPEI. Also, Kory joined Gale on the Killing a Durmax series back in 2019 where they discussed how to push the engine harder than ever before.

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