Monster-Ram for Longevity, PedalMonster for Fun

Matt Milatovich’s 2021 Ram 6.7L Mega Cab has just a hair over 10K miles and is like new. He uses it to pull his Tritoon boat to the lake with the grandkids. However, most of the miles were from a long drive to Florida. The truck is far from a daily driver, but that didn’t stop him from being concerned when he stumbled across Gale’s video about the Cummins grid heater bolt issue. “They had a recall on that heater relay and I never brought it to the dealer,” explained Matt. “I wasn’t even going to have the factory replacement part installed because I didn’t have any confidence in it. I want this truck to last as long as it can, and having engine damage because of a faulty design isn’t in my plans. The Banks Monster-Ram just made more sense. Banks includes both a coil heater and a billet plug to use if you choose not to forgo the heater. I don’t need a heater so I installed the stainless plug.

The Monster-Ram wasn’t the only upgrade. “I also bought the iDash SuperGaugeand PedalMonster. Let me tell you, that PedalMonster blew my mind! I put that thing in there and was completely surprised at how it made my rig feel. I went through all the levels and settings, and drove it all around. You can read all of the reviews about it, but until you experience you don’t know just how much fun you’ll have. I’ve tucked it in the garage, and it’ll be months before I’ll take her out again. I didn’t even give myself time to play with all of the info that I could see with the iDash! That’s first on my list when I pull her out on the road again.”