Titan Motoring Sets Raises the Bar

The Titan Motoring team is led by Philip Lindsley, a mobile electronics expert in the Nashville area since 1995. The business started small, servicing car dealerships by day, and customizing vehicles by night. Philip’s attention to detail and automotive know-how earned him a phenomenal reputation throughout Tennessee, prompting him to open a facility and build a team. Fast forward to 2023. Titan has two facilities for a combined 16,000 sq. ft. and an army of over 30 employees. Dan Bowman, Sales Manager, explains “We do engine swaps, restoration, upgrades, suspension—just about everything but paint and body. We customize cars, trucks, boats, and side-by-sides. We do everything that you don’t need. Great word of mouth and our reputation has earned us the trust of locals and high profile personalities like NFL players and their families.”

“One of the things that we like about Banks is that they won’t release a product unless it’s done right, taking every advantage available to make the most power and durability. From a client’s value perspective, it’s great to be able to say that what you’re showing isn’t just meant to fill space in a catalog or look pretty. It was made because there was a benefit to it. Take the Ram-Air Differential Cover for instance. It simply is better. Better management of the fluid, and better cooling by directing air to fins that work. It’s completely thought out. That resonates well with clients who ask us to recommend the best parts available. Banks offers longevity, and a name that is legendary in the industry.”

Dan and his team recently installed a full Banks PowerPack in a late-model Duramax including a Derringer tuner, iDash DataMonster, PedalMonster throttle controller, Ram-Air Intake, and Monster-Exhaust. A charismatic host, Dan brings each part to life in Titan’s Instagram feed.

Titan Motoring 
4302 Kenilwood Dr.
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 457-3529