Missing Bolt Causes Close Call

Steve Riddle began to get concerned when his 2016 diesel Ram began to act strange. Then a friend suggested it may be a missing bolt. “It’s been cold here in Minnesota the last few months and I noticed that it was really hard to start, like 10 to 12 start-up attempts before it’d actually come to life. I thought something wasn’t right, because I also had my block heater plugged in, too. A buddy of mine said that maybe the grid heater wasn’t working. When I wiggled the thing it was loose. I looked up online about replacing the grid heater, and the first thing that popped up was Banks Monster-Ram. I watched Gale Banks’ video and wondered if that is what I had going on.”

Only One Solution

“I ordered the Monster-Ram and while taking apart the stock I noticed that the nut was missing. There’s no way to know how long it’s been off, but I’d assume it’s been at least 3 months. Not being able to find the missing bolt had me worried. After some calling around I finally found a knowledgeable Cummins mechanic. After some questions about how the engine runs, he said that I was lucky and that the bolt probably went through the exhaust. I went through with a boroscope and a magnet, and never found the bolt.”

The Banks Monster-Ram eliminates the missing bolt issue

“Before getting the Monster-Ram I called the big RAM dealer here in Burnsville, and they wouldn’t even talk to me about it. All they did was tell me that they’d never seen that happen before. I told them that it was all over the internet. How could they not have seen it? My buddy has a 2010, and after what I went through he doesn’t want to take chances. He bought a Monster-Ram because he just doesn’t want a time bomb. I’ll be installing it for him.”

No more close call or no more missing bolt for this RAM

Huge Improvement

“Right away I noticed a huge improvement in throttle response! You can hear the increased airflow. And not only is there a performance increase, but I’ve also noticed better mileage!”