Matt Gamble | Speed School Podcast Ep 8

Matt Gamble, Banks Engine Program Manager, joins Gale Banks to discuss the company’s forthcoming turn-key diesel engines. Gale recalls his first engine build, a 31 Ford Model A, explains his love affair with racing ’53 Studebakers on dry lake beds, and answers your tech questions.

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00:00 Intro
00:30 Introducing Matt Gamble
03:18 Gale hotrods a Ford Model A
08:27 Falling in love with the ’53 Studebaker
11:25 Gale is attracted to dry lake racing
13:11 NHRA needs electronic clutch control
19:05 Gale’s first Studebaker racer
39:55 Street racing
46:23 Why Gale is fuel agnostic
50:40 Gale’s supercharging history
53:11 Supercharging a Duramax
59:52 Listener Q&A

Gale tells Matt all about falling in love with the ’53 Studebaker Starlight Coupe designed by Raymond Lowe. He bought the car from a scrapyard in Downey, CA for $65 with a stripped-out interior. The engine was destroyed in a street race on the 71 Freeway in Pomona, CA.

Matt Gamble and Gale talk about Raymond Lowe and the '53 Studebaker Starlight Coupe.

Matt Gamble really knows his car history and keeps pace with Gale like a champ while discussing the early days of turbocharging. Matt was one of the main people who worked on LokJaw and is currently working on the stage three turnkey engine from Banks that will be going to Pike’s Peak in 2023.

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