KILLING A DURAMAX Pt 1: First fire! 🔥

It’s taken weeks to outfit the engine, air intake system, exhaust system, intercooler, and dyno with the necessary sensors to gather all possible data during the ultimate test of a Duramax L5P. Now that we’ve poked and prodded it, let’s see if it’ll run!

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0:00 Intro
1:00 First fire
1:40 Intelligently documenting everything

This is the stock L5P Duramax and we want to know everything about how far you can push it. Using sensors and instrumentation available from Banks, Gale is going to measure and log every bit of critical information using the iDash DataMonster.

Any jackass can kill and engine, but it takes a special kind of jackass to kill it intelligently!

Gale Banks

Intelligently Documenting Everything on the Duramax

We want to know exactly what kills a Duramax. Gale will increase the power along the way and will make sure peripherals don’t the engine. If it needs a bigger turbo, it’s getting a bigger turbo. The Banks AirMouse® will measure ambient air density, temperature, pressure, and humidity.

Killing a Duramax Air Mouse

The 5 Channel Analog Module System will relay data from four analog sensors to the iDash DataMonster. This module can be configured for use with Banks plug-and-play sensors or custom analog sensors. Because we’re using all of these modules and sensors, we can intelligently monitor what kills this engine.

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