Jeep EcoDiesel Adds Horsepower

Erick owns a 2021 Jeep Wrangler 3.0L EcoDiesel that needed more oomph. He came to Banks looking to overcome the sluggishness of his 37″ tires, about 700 lbs in additional upgrades, and the weight of his 2,500 lb over landing trailer. Banks installed a Derringer inline tuner, PedalMonster throttle sensitivity controller, and iDash SuperGauge. Erick’s reasoning for bringing his Jeep to Banks is simple: I trust Banks wake it up and keep the integrity of the motor.”

With the Derringer adding 57 hp / 79 lb-ft and the PedalMonster getting rid of his throttle and turbo lag, Erick’s mission to inject more life into his Jeep was definitely accomplished. His reaction to the newfound power of the Banks trio says it all. 

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