Horse owner “dodges” a bullet

Tim, a Prescott, Arizona diesel mechanic, sent us these photos of Lisa’s RAM 6.7L grid heater and bolt that he fished out of her intake manifold with a telescoping magnet. It had rolled all the way to the back and was precariously close to falling into cylinder #6.

It all started with a check engine light a few weeks ago. Lisa drove her 2017 RAM 20 miles to the nearest Auto Zone where the clerk scanned the truck for diagnostic trouble codes. The code that popped up was P2609, indicating poor air intake heater performance. Not knowing how to proceed, Lisa called two friends with full-size diesel pickups. Both recommendations were the same—see a mechanic ASAP. Lisa drove to a local RAM dealer and dropped off the truck. Shortly thereafter she received a call explaining that they had diagnosed the problem but wouldn’t be able to perform the repair for at least a month. To make matters worse, the service writer quoted her $1,990 for parts and labor. “I remember being stunned when he said the replacement part alone was $950.” After retrieving the truck from the dealer, Lisa returned home to find her husband had researched the issue and found that Banks offered a solution that also improved performance. “I wasn’t aware that I was driving a ticking time bomb. $2,000 will be nothing compared to the repair bill if that bolt falls off into one of the cylinders.”

“I contacted Banks,” recalls Lisa. “Kate was fabulous to work with. Not only did she answer all of my questions and concerns, but she also put me in touch with Tim, a well-respected local mechanic. He was quick and great to work with. I picked up the truck last week. I was impressed. I felt a difference right away. Acceleration felt easier—and towing my loaded horse trailer feels effortless. This is just a bonus because I started out just trying to fix the heater issue. What I got with the Banks Monster-Ram was a great solution and better performance, and it was less money than replacing the stock heater.”