He Has Every Duramax Part Banks Makes

David Dumont is a self-proclaimed “Banks lifer” and “Gale-enthusiast” having put Banks products on every Duramax that he’s owned, including his current one. “I recommend all of the Banks products,” said the dually driver. “I’ve installed all the ones available on my own truck or helped install almost every single one myself. I also recommend to anyone that they buy directly from Banks so that they get the full factory support. And boy, whenever I have had an issue with something or a question I have always been addressed and welcomed by name on the phone. Customer service was right to the point, exactly what I needed… you couldn’t ask for a better company!”

David current truck, a 2017 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD, is equipped to the gills with the Banks Derringer tunerPedalMonster throttle boosteriDash SuperGaugeRam-Air Differential CoverRam-Air Intake, and a 5” Monster Exhaust. On Christmas, he was gifted the new Banks Boost Tube Upgrade kit, and didn’t waste any time immediately running to the garage to install it. “I know it was Christmas, but I didn’t want to wait to put them on. You can actually feel an actual increase in performance.”

David wanted to also mention that his affliction has spread to his father, David Sr., who’s recently purchased a duplicate Chevy truck… and equipped it the same Banks parts as David’s. He’s also working on incorporating Banks equipment on another vehicle, but that’s another story for another time.