Grid Heater Bolt Melted

Randy got a check engine light on his 2017 RAM 6.7L. Using a diagnostic device, he discovered the code was related explicitly to his grid heater. After some internet sleuthing, Randy was inspired to jiggle the +12v lead on top of the factory grid heater assembly. Lo and behold, it rocked back and forth indicating the bottom of the bolt may be ready to fall into the intake manifold. With his dealer unable to work on his truck right away, he called Banks. As you’ll see in the video above, he was on the verge of significant engine damage.

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The 50-state emissions-compliant Monster-Ram intake not only eliminates this point of failure by replacing it with a proprietary coil heater but the system also provides a mass airflow gain of 88.3% over stock. That’s a throttle response you can feel and insurance your wallet will appreciate. Originally, it was that the problem was with trucks in cold climates. Randy lives in Southern California and rarely needs it.

Unfortunately, Randy isn’t the first RAM owner to have a near catastrophe due to the grid heater bolt. We’re just happy they both found the Banks solution before the bolt caused severe damage to their engines.