97’ Ford F-250 with Over One Million Miles

Peter Mudler is a Banks Fan who owns a ‘97 Ford F-250 7.3 V8 Power Stroke with over a million miles on the dash. While those stats aren’t anything really new and different when it comes to Power Stroke owners, it’s where Peter lives and what he does with the truck that makes the whole thing unique… because Peter resides in Holland. “I bought it in California with my friend Henry at an auction. It’s my job to go to the States to buy cool vehicles and bikes, ship them in containers to Holland, and sell them here in Holland. Mustangs, Corvettes, Mercedes SL, and other cool cars. Maybe the coolest car I ever bought to resell was a 1936 Dodge Coupe Rat Rod that I picked up in Florida.”

Peter explained that while there are other trucks in Holland, his are a little different. “Most of the trucks we drive here are gasoline-powered, but most of the time people convert them to propane because gas here costs around $7 a gallon. But… there is nothing better and stronger than a diesel truck! My Power Stroke is my daily driver. I don’t abuse it, but I do work with it all of the time. I haul car trailers, go to the dump, go to the woods for fishing, go to the track with my dirt bikes. I really love the truck, but I’m not the type of guy who washes it every weekend… haha! To be honest, I bought my truck equipped like this. I was searching for a real clean OBS Power Stroke, which was really hard to find. I saw this bad boy at an auction I was attending for business. When I saw the ‘Banks Power’ sticker on the fender I was very sure I’d make it my new truck. It turned out that the previous owner had a complete Banks Power Pack on it, so I was so stoked when I bought my dream truck. The only problem was that I had to wait around 10 weeks or so to get it to Rotterdam in Holland. Longest 10 weeks of my life!”

Even though Peter has a busy schedule, he still finds time to incorporate his favorite thing: his family. “My hobbies are going to the motocross with my son, Junior. Every minute we can be together, we are. I also named my company after him “Juniors USA Cars. I’ve been to the United States four times with my family (my wife Kelly and Junior) to buy cars, go to Disneyland and eat at In and Out and Outback Steakhouse! Talking about my family, the newest family member is Hunter; he was born just this past July. I can’t wait for him to be able to go with us back to the USA!”

When asked if he had any future plans for his truck his response was rather honest. “I don’t have extra plans with my truck, I love it the way it is. It’s clean, it has the 7.3-liter, 35” tires and the Banks upgrades. I can’t think of what if anything more to it I’d want to do. I love it just the way it is now! The best thing about the Banks Power Pack is that you don’t have to wait for the power. I can’t say it’s jumpy, but if you ask for power, you don’t have to wait. Because I haul cars with it, I need that extra power, but it still has to be reliable, so I loooove Banks!”