Giving Something Back

I’m sitting in my office waiting for the guys from WyoTech to arrive. This morning, I get to put something back into the diesel industry. I volunteered to work with WyoTech on the development of a light-duty diesel curriculum (with a high-performance overlay, of course).

We’re talking diesel pickups. There are now millions of them. The opportunity is huge for a young student as the demand is only going to get larger.

Diesel in Europe is over 51% of new vehicle sales, in the U.S., it’s about 4%. So, you see the opportunity facing U.S. engine and vehicle manufacturers. We just need to design and build diesels for the light pickup and SUV market and for passenger car market with performance in mind. Done properly, light-duty diesel can kick gas. And if you want a hybrid, a diesel hybrid also kicks gas — and that includes hydrogen.