Beware the Blog!

“The Blog!” Blog this and blog that — that’s all I’ve been hearing for the past month. Up until recently, I thought folks were talking about the anamorphic amoeba with the voracious appetite that terrorized a small town back in the ’50s flick. They tried to stop it by burning it, shooting it, and then blowing it up. Just about the only thing that’d stop it was freezing it. After all, was said and done the thing grew from about the size of a pea to a giant glob.

Turns out that blogs actually aren’t going to eat anyone up, just gobble up bandwidth. Blogs have become a way that folks can communicate thoughts and views on things that are important to them, whether it be about business in general or the kind of coffee they like. Our plan is to give a little insight into what’s going on in the industry and what’s going on here at Banks, especially the Engineering and Race Shop departments. Up until now, we’ve kept most of this stuff a secret, which doesn’t make too much sense. Some of the projects and products we work on range from technically “cool” to “way out there.” The name of the place is Gale Banks Engineering after all, not “Gale’s Diesel Go-Fast Shack.” We’re an honest to goodness engineering facility first — one that just so happens to be run by gearheads. Think of it as a mixture of NASA meets Q’s workshop from the James Bond films meets Disney Imagineering meets Muppet Labs and you’ll get the picture. As you might guess we’ve got a bunch to talk about, and who knows — you might end up knowing what kind of coffee we like.

So please check back here often. With all the things we’ve got to say, this blog will grow to titanic proportions. Who knows — maybe the only way to stop it will be to freeze it.