Giving an Already Fast WRX No Hesitation

The Subaru WRX is known for being an incredibly fun car. Fun fact: In 2021, WRX owners were given more speeding tickets than any other drivers. However, just like most turbocharged cars, the WRX suffers from turbo lag and a slightly lazy throttle. Justin Gore notes that his 2021 Subaru WRX also has dead spots and hesitation between gears.

A chart of car models with the most speeding tickets in 2021.

After listening to his favorite podcast, Justin found his solution. “I’ve always been a fan of The Truck Show Podcast since its inception,” said the Los Angeles local. “When Banks was added as a sponsor I was intrigued. As the hosts explained the PedalMonster, what they were saying just made sense. There are flash tuners that can remap your throttle, but they’re $600 to $700 AND they leave a fingerprint on the ECU. Even if you put the tune back to stock dealers can see that the ECU has been altered. I don’t need any problems with the dealer. The PedalMonster was an excellent alternative, and at half the cost. Installing it made a world of difference, and since it isn’t reflashing anything there are no fingerprints.”

The Banks iDash mounted in the WRX.

“I spend my time mostly in SPORT cranked up to level 8 or 9, but seriously… even in CITY, there isn’t any latency. Acceleration is instant! And when I’ve messed around with TRACK mode it’s almost scary how much differently the car performs. And in between shifts on each mode, there is no hesitation. It’s just so smooth, lighting off faster with instant feedback. This product is so legit!”

“I just got my iDash Datamonster. I’m so excited to find out what I can see. And being able to control the PedalMonster using the iDash is a bonus!”