Fan Focus: Back Country Addicts

Tyler is a busy guy. Monday through Friday he’s a Sr. Sales Engineer processing development and sales for all CNC applications in his territory. From aerospace firms, firearm manufacturers, to medical accounts he travels all of New England and Quebec making sure that his customers receive the service that they need and that he grows the territory. Roughly putting on at least 1,000 miles of travel every week for the day job, he spends a ton of time in his 2019 Ford Power Stroke truck. And that’s just the day job!

Tyler owns a performance snowmobile business on the side called Back Country Addicts, building and modifying snowmobiles for extreme riding such as drag racing, snocross racing, hill drags and off-trail riding. He travels all around the country in his 36-foot goose-neck snowmobile mobile HQ competing and going to trade shows every weekend about six months out of the year. Needless to say, he puts on a lot of miles on his trucks.

Before purchasing his Ford he was a loyal GM customer, and his last truck was an LML that he fully modded. Those modifications included a full-delete, custom programming, a 5” exhaust, intake, and more. The truck ran great, but with all the miles stacking up, it quickly came time to trade in the truck for another. Since a dealer cannot warrant or take in a modified truck for the trade he needed to revert his Duramax back completely to stock in order to turn in the 70,000-mile truck.

The process was a difficult one as he struggled to get the truck’s ECM and TCM to recognize the reinstalled emissions equipment and stock tuning. He became very frustrated and told himself that he would never delete a truck again as it was expensive to delete, and expensive to return back to stock.

When he got into his new Power Stroke, he wanted more power, but didn’t want the hassle he had last time. He was introduced to the Banks Derringer and DataMonster after a friend showed off the capabilities of his enhanced truck. Tyler purchased the setup right after that and installed it as soon as it arrived.

“After a quick test drive, I couldn’t believe how much more fun the truck was to drive,” says Tyler. “I instantly thought of my old deleted LML and said to myself ‘I missed this.’ I now have over 3000 miles on my truck with the Derringer installed, and I can’t get over how noticeable 59 rear-wheel horsepower and 106 lb-ft of torque really is.”

“I can’t say it enough; this truck is so much more fun to drive with the Derringer. It doesn’t get much better than having a sports car feel in your heavy-duty truck. If you’re considering one of the other “knock-off” tuners, don’t waste your money. If you want to stay emissions intact, but looking for more from your 2017+ Ford 6.7 diesel this is the answer.

The Derringer isn’t burning through gallons of DEF because it’s dumping in extra fuel when it doesn’t need it. It’s not plugging your DPF prematurely. The DEF consumption rate doesn’t seem to be any higher than stock. If I wasn’t experiencing this myself, I would say it’s too good to be true. The Banks Derringer is the real deal!”

Tyler seems very happy with the extra power, and he no longer finds himself missing that extra power and response. Thanks for the kind words!

Check out Tyler’s site here for some snowmobile goodness!