Derringer Owners Group Hits 6,000

The Banks Derringer L5P Duramax Owners Facebook Group hit a milestone Wednesday when the fan group hit 6,000 members. And in the three since, it’s grown another 400 members to 6,400! While most own a Derringer tuner, many members also own other Banks parts including iDashPedalMonster throttle controllerRam-Air intakeMonster-ExhaustBoost Tubes, and Ram-Air Diff Covers. But what started a few years ago to address common questions about the famous tuning device, quickly grew into a venue for Duramax owners could ask questions about other topics related to their trucks without being ridiculed as can be the case in so many other Facebook groups. While we wouldn’t necessarily refer to it as a “Safe Space,” it’s definitely a lot friendlier. 

Group members are eager to help their fellow Chevy/GMC owners with all sorts of questions from wheel and tire fitment to parameters they should be monitoring or logging on their iDash. 

Don’t have a DMAX? There’s also a Ford Derringer Owners group and iDash and PedalMonster Owners group with rapidly growing memberships.