Dennis Pikalow

When Banks heard that customer Dennis Pickalow had good things to say about the new PedalMonster, they never expected to get such an enthusiastic response. “I love my PedalMonster,” exclaimed Dennis, “you couldn’t tear it away from me if you tried!”

Dennis had done his fair share of research on throttle sensitivity controllers for his 2020 Camaro LT1, and while there were many things that didn’t look right to him about the competition there wasn’t the same trepidation with the Banks PedalMonster. “Some of them seemed like workarounds, not secure at all. I don’t like things where you have to hold a button down while doing something else. The PedalMonster was so slick from installation to usage, and now I’ve lived with it for a while using my iPhone… and it’s been just great!”

The 71-year-old automotive enthusiast had already done his share of upgrading his brand-new ride before installing the PedalMonster. “I’ve done some other mods to the car, but nothing really improved it more than incrementally. I have an exhaust, a ported throttle body, an intake and none of it was a real ‘bang for your buck’ kind of thing. It wasn’t until I put the PedalMonster on that I got the full realization what the stuff did. It really brought the car to life, because before it just felt like I put my foot in the mush. It brought me back to years ago when I had a 1976 455 Pontiac Trans Am, which was the last of the big blocks. I’ve not experienced anything quite like that Trans Am. And tuning it took a little getting use to, but I have it dialed in at the top of the ‘sport” setting. I’m exactly where I want to be.”

When asking about the car’s options the subject of transmissions was brought up, and Dennis was passionate about it. “Come on now… come on! A car like this has to be a manual. I’m a geezer, I don’t want anything else. I’m 71 years old and I want to be one with the car, for goodness sakes. It’s the new age of the muscle car, it’s like the 60’s all over again!” Since manual transmissions are scarcer than they were years ago, he had to really look for what he wanted, which pretty much drove him out of state. “I drove pretty far to pick up the car outfitted like this, or course that was before the apocalypse…!” Dennis wrapped up his feelings on the PedalMonster by saying “It’s well thought out, so simple and easy to tune, intelligently designed and so user-friendly. A total dope can install this in like 15 minutes.