1978 Turbochargers Book

In 1971, known turbo-expert, teacher and author, Hugh Machlnnes authored the book How to Select and Install Turbochargers by publisher H.P. Books. The impressively comprehensive book was full of information and examples of the practical application of turbocharging. As Hugh put it, “If the average backyard hot rodder can use this manual and end up with a turbocharged machine which will consistently beat his buddy’s car or boat with a naturally aspirated engine, then I feel it has been a success.”

After more than a decade of building high-performance supercharged engines, Gale switches to turbocharging in 1970 for the first “Gale Banks” branded turbocharged marine engine. The change came about when testing revealed that turbocharging actually provided a more usable range and was superior in making more power with better fuel efficiency by using wasted exhaust gas over that of a mechanically driven blower. The change to turbos from superchargers also proved to be less punishing to the engine mechanically, causing less wear, meaning an extended engine life and far less rebuilds between races. Race teams found that the engines would run under the extreme conditions for an entire season before needing to service. Naturally, through their mutual love of all things turbocharged and the relentless pursuit of power, Gale and Hugh became fast friends.

In 1978 Hugh enlisted Gale’s help for an update of his book. This new book, simply titled “Turbochargers” was a best seller and the handbook for forced induction enthusiasts for generations. Banks twin turbo engines are featured on the cover of the various iterations of the book to this day.