Belt Assembly: Super Twin-Turbo Duramax

Testing on the Supercharged Twin-Turbo stroked Duramax continues, and as we push the engine to new levels of horsepower some issues with the design need to be adjusted… or just fortified. One such area is the blower’s drive assembly. During the tuning process the engine is taken to the upper limits of its RMP range, and as tremendous amounts of boost is being force-fed into the supercharger, we see that there is an unacceptable amount of flex on the pulley assembly’s plate. If the flex is large enough it could cause things such as belt slip, frays or strings. That’s the last thing you want while boosting because if the belt slips off or degrades enough so that it breaks because the engine will have a serious loss in power.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress right here and on our YouTube channel.