Deleted L5P vs Derringer L5P

Sometimes people need to experience something for themselves before becoming a believer. You can back up your claims with facts and figures, but still, some people won’t budge. Yet when you become converts… hallelujah! Such is the satisfying feeling that comes from this week’s vlog entry from TXStreetSociety where they put the Banks Derringer in-line tuner up against a fully deleted truck with a tune head-to-head on the street to see which one is more powerful. What’s great about this video is to see the realization that the Derringer may be emissions compliant, but it’s no gimmick.

It’s Duramax L5P against Duramax L5P

  • White truck modifications include full emissions system delete, cracked ECU with a tune from Motor Ops, Wehrli piping, and transmission tuning.
  • Red truck mods include banks Derringer tuner and Ram-Air intake.

Take a look for yourself and become a believer. Watch the racing here