Geoffrey Alexander

Geoffrey Alexander, a self-proclaimed number junky, simply cannot get enough data. To him, the iDash DataMonster fills the need for gathering intel on what people normally don’t get to see through their standard dash gauges. “I originally bought myself the iDash DataMonster as a Christmas gift to be used in my 2014 F-150 EcoBoost truck,” explained Geoffrey, “and I loved the way it looked in the vent mount.” When it was time to get another truck, Geoffrey went with another F-150, only this time with a 5.0-liter engine option that had a Roush supercharger installed. So, the iDash was removed from his older truck and placed into a column-mounted gauge pod. Aside from the Roush blower under hood the truck trains stock. With the stock exhaust without badging on it, Geoffrey’s truck is an ultimate sleeper.

Geoffrey Alexander 2014 Ford F-150

Geoffrey mainly got the iDash for two reasons: to see how his truck was running at a glance while driving, and the other was so that he could collect data. “I love the idea that I can log data. Being a mathematician and a physicist, I love data, so with the information that I gather, I can build charts and graphs… all sorts of nerdy stuff. I like the small form factor, unlike a normal gauge of its size that can only display one thing. I can pick and choose what I want to see at a given time and see that on its separate pages. I can run logs and compare how the truck performs differently with each mod that I do.”

Geoffrey Alexander 2014 Ford F-150 Front

For Geoffrey the iDash DataMonster is the fix he needs for his “numbers” habit, but don’t expect him to ever be weaned off the data that he craves any time soon. He has plans for his sleeper that will eventually call for performance and component comparisons. Things that can only be soothed by that satisfying hit from data. 

Geoffrey Alexander 2014 Ford F-150 iDash