Banks Twin-Ram Wakes Up A 12-Valve

After installing a Monster-Ram intake on his 2017 RAM 3500, Brandon De Leon decided he wanted a Banks Twin-Ram on his beloved 1996 Dodge RAM. At 223,000 miles on the odometer, Brandon has no intention of getting rid of his 12-valve truck. “I’m actually restoring it little by little, and I want it to run its best. After getting the Monster-Ram for my newer truck and experiencing the difference it made, I knew I needed to do something like that for my ’96. I know it’s an old truck, so when I saw that Banks still made the Twin-Ram intake manifold I grabbed it… before they decided to not make them anymore!”

The Dodge Ram getting the Banks Twin-Ram installed at the Banks facility.

“I had Banks do the install. Sure I could do it myself, but I kinda liked the insurance that comes with a factory install. The amount of research and development that goes into their products is really evident, even back then when the part was made! And the performance is night and day! She has so much more pep, and I know it may sound strange, but the sound of the truck changed. It’s ‘crisp’! Seeing how well just that one Banks part changed the way my truck ran I’m going to start adding more Banks parts to the ol’ girl, like replacing my intake with a Ram-Air system.”

Just a reminder: Banks is accepting reservations for installs now!