Banks Gives Pink EcoDiesel Even More Power

Casey Jamieson’s bright pink EcoDiesel Jeep Wrangler JL sure catches the eye. That was the big selling point that ultimately made her trade in her beloved purple Jeep. Well, the color and the diesel engine that is. Casey tells us “I’ve always loved Jeeps, but the one thing that I always felt is they lacked power. I’ve always loved the power and sound of a diesel. And thought about how cool it would be to have that in a Jeep. So when saw that there was an EcoDiesel available with the factory pink paint I had to get it! I cannot express just how much I love it! The torque when you press on the pedal pulling you back into your seat was such a better driving experience. However, I wanted more. I started doing research and came across Banks.

The products had such great reviews, so it made sense to go with the PedalMonsterDerringer and the iDash SuperGauge. The iDash is super cool and easy to read. I usually keep the Derringer at level 3 or 4, but I have to admit that I like to play around with the PedalMonster. Like when I’m going to work I keep it pretty low in CITY mode, but when I get out on the road I crank it up to SPORT 8.”

The limited-edition factory color (known as Tuscadero Pink after Fonzie’s girlfriend Pinky Tuscadero from the 70’s sitcom Happy Days) was only supposed to be a one-year-only limited color for the Wrangler, but it proved to be so popular that the availability was extended for the 2022 production year.