PedalMonster EcoDiesel: from Sluggish to Speedy

Brice with the Youtube channel The Night Crew recently showed just how easy it is to install a PedalMonster. But the real magic happens when his friend Zach reviews the performance before and after. Let’s just say that driving it before the PedalMonster was not an exciting experience. “It’s Sluggish! It doesn’t want to get up there! And having 35s on it doesn’t help.” After a short pause, Zach exclaimed “This thing is SLOW!”

After Brice performs a quick install, he and Zach set the PedalMonster to SPORT Level 3 and head out on the road. Within moments Zach became an instant believer. “Okay, I really didn’t think it would make much of a difference, but it did. It really did! I’ve got to get one for mine now.”

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