Another “Sleeper” at Banks Power

This is another “sleeper” in the Banks Power stable. This 1991 Chevy SS (took out a 454) shop truck has a Banks twin-turbo 366ci small block that runs on 91 octane; it makes 675HP at the rear wheels and over 900 lbft of torque.

All that torque twisted the stock frame like a pretzel, so the Banks crew built some round-tube street rod-style frame strengtheners that now tie the chassis together in several places. Banks’ “shop truck” features a Richmond six-speed trans with a Centerforce 11-inch steel flywheel and Dual Friction clutch and pressure plate. Power gets to the ground via a heavy-duty 14-bolt GM rearend with 3.73:1 gears and a Detroit Locker. The only bummer is that the truck seems to run out of room every time the turbos really get cooking.

The Banks twin-turbo 366ci small-block. On 91-octane, it makes 675 hp at the rear wheels. A twin to the shop truck is also being built at Banks Race Shop. The twin will be painted gloss black and will be intercooled with a 6L90 automatic trans. Expect well over 1,000 hp from its 427″ Small Block. To get all this power to the ground, an Art Morrison rear sub-frame with a four-link and a 9-inch rearend is being installed.

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