Testing has begun on the new Ford F150 Ecoboost Truck

How do I know this? Here’s some proof. This is  photo of Chris Otani (in the truck) and Ross Korns setting up the Banks Power Dyno to do some testing on the F150. I’m not allowed to show you what products have been installed. But once I get the ok, we’ll be posting more information on the items as well as the dyno facts from their tests.

One thing we like to do when we test vehicles on the dyno is to make sure the hood is down. This helps us get a real-world feel on how the vehicle would perform under normal circumstances. With trucks, we like to weigh down the bed with a sand bag that weighs a few hundred pounds to ensure the wheels are firmly planted on the rollers.

Here’s another view of the guys working on the F150 Ecoboost.

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