Another Convert!

YouTuber Tyson from the WorkPlayTV channel is an advocate for the PedalMonster having run it on his own truck and knowing just how much it changed the drivability.

Tyson decided to see if he could make a convert of his friend Kalin, longtime Power Stroke owner and host of Danger Industries channel. He took Tyson’s truck out for a drive to give his opinion on the PedalMonster throttle booster. The thing here is that the truck used is basically identical to what Kalin owns: a 2021 F-450 Power Stroke with a completely stock tune, stock engine, and with no enhancements. When discussing what the PedalMonster does, Kalin remarked about the stock truck’s lackluster throttle response. “It’s a complaint that I’ve actually made before. You press on the throttle and nothing happens, you give it a bit more and it starts to all get jerky. The response is not smooth, not linear.” But all that was about to change once the PedalMonster was activated. “Now I put my foot in and it just starts going. I want one of these!”

Using the Banks mobile app, Tyson put the PedalMonster and let Kalin drive it again. “Sluggish!” Next, they put it in ‘Track’ mode and cranked it up to level 10 to show the stark difference. “Holy God, we’re on it,” yelped Kalin as the 9,000 lb truck transformed into a sportscar. 

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