Alpha Booster or H1: Sith Lord

There are certain vehicles that are automatically associated with certain people. Let’s try a few:
James Bond
Steve McQueen
The Green Hornet

Get the idea? Now tell me what comes to mind when I say, Arnold Schwarzenegger? Hmmm… it has to be a Hummer, the really big kind. Everyone knows that association, even my grandmother. Well, maybe she isn’t the best example, but you get the idea.

Ok, so the Hummer is the ultimate off-road monster everyone can easily think of. Fine, but has anyone ever raved about its speedy performance? Nope. The fact is it is widely known that it has the charging speed of a cow with two broken legs. Long has that been the downfall of this famous “look at me” vehicle- but not anymore. The GM gods have blessed the latest H1 Alpha with the Duramax diesel powerplant and it now shines because of their good graces. But (and there’s always a “but” folks), it still is a little slow because it’s so doggone… portly.

That was the case before we seduced one unsuspecting H1 to the Dark Side of the Force. Enter Darth H1: Sith Lord (I’m a geek… what can I say?). See, we decided to equip one with our Six-Gun Tuner and infuse it with more power. Evil? Maybe, but you can’t argue that it wasn’t a necessary one. The H1 wants to go fast. It wants to be freed from its shackles, and we just happen to have the keys. Since it can’t hop on a treadmill and shed unwanted weight it needs more power to move all its girth. That power output is now nearly comparable to that of a Banks equipped Duramax truck. And that’s a good thing because when was the last time you ever heard a full-sized Hummer chirp all four tires?

How could it get any better? Glad you asked. After tearing up the street we decided it was time to put the power at the command of the “pilot’s” fingertips with our new Banks iQ (check out our website for details). Functionality meets 21st-century electronics in this device… and it looks bitchen in this ride.

The only question now is what path will this titan tread: the light or the dark side? Hmmm… I say let’s go out and crush things!

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