Gale Banks. A Household Name?!

Hola. Just a little ditty to illustrate how much Banks has been in the media this Summer. It’s been amazing!

It has gotten to the point that we’ve even coined a new term for hot rodding it to the max. We’re going to “Banks it.” Nice.

In Print:

Banks in print

Hot Rod Magazine (September 2005 – on newsstands now!) has a picture of Banks’ 222 m.p.h. Sidewinder Dakota on its cover along with an article about performance diesels and the future of diesel.

The infamous car guy, Jay Leno just wrote an article in Popular Mechanics about diesel that included his pal, Gale Banks (September 2005 – on newsstands now!)

Diesel Power Magazine (Fall 2005 – on newsstands now!) has Banks’ Sidewinder All-Terrain trucks on the cover with a gigantic 8-page article inside. Two other trucks in the mag also have Banks systems on them…

There’s more, but you get the point…

On Television:

Trucks! TV aired a tour of Gale Banks Engineering last weekend (catch it on a rerun).

XTreme4X4 TV invited Gale to build a twin-turbo Duramax on its episode #22 Part 2 of the “SubUrban Gorilla” buildup. Check out the PowerBlock on Spike! Channel this coming weekend (August 13 &14) to see it.

Xtreme4x4 Gale

I could keep going, but I don’t want to boast.

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