2024 Duramax Development

Banks’ Electrical and Mechanical Engineering teams are hard at work developing the Derringer tuner, Ram-Air cold air intake, and Monster-Exhaust for the 2024 Duramax.

Thanks to GM’s electronic and mechanical updates, none of the three parts could simply be transferred from the previous generation to the new truck. The Derringer inline tuner requires a very different tune. The Ram-Air intake system requires a few physical changes to clear the battery box as well as all new Air Mass Control Module hardware and firmware. GM not only changed the way the factory MAF sensor works, they changed the plug and pinout. Finally, the new 2024 Duramax has such tight tolerances that upgrading the current 5″ Monster Exhaust system drops the backpressure so significantly that it results in a check engine light because the ECM thinks the DPF is full. This may require our engineers to intercept and manipulate the pressure sensor data electronically. 

This further illustrates how Banks wins over other intake brands who simply design air boxes and exhaust systems with little or no engineering, selling parts that add nothing more than aesthetics. Moving into 2024, it’s clear that without highly skilled electrical engineering teams, intake and exhaust manufacturers will continue to sell stock airflow while Banks continues to deliver real performance gains. Sign up here to be notified before we open the Derringer tuner and Ram-Air intake pre-sales.