EcoDiesel Jeep Feels Like a V8

Paul Doucet was happy with his daily driven 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0L EcoDiesel, but felt it could use a little more power. It just so happens that the power from the Derringer tuner and the throttle response PedalMonster was a little more than what he was expecting. “I couldn’t believe the power,” exclaims Paul. “It was like driving a high-performance V8 after installing the Derringer and PedalMonster. The iDash SuperGauge allows you to see so much, it’s unbelievable! It even allows you to do a manual regen. I drive this Jeep every day, and it has 120K miles on it. I race motocross, so I use it to tow a 7’x14′ enclosed trailer that has my, tools, water barrel, pressure washer, and dirtbike. The extra power comes in really handy.”

“I took my best friend out for a drive in the Jeep to let him feel the difference, and I put everything to stock. I offered to let him drive, but he said that he would just watch my feet to see how I was pedaling it. Then I put the Derringer to level 6 and the PedalMonster to TRACK—It was such a difference that he almost swallowed his tongue! He drives a RAM with a Hemi, and his truck’s response doesn’t compare.”