EPA Says No More Engines

The EPA says no more new fossil fuel-burning engines. A coalition of 151 House Republicans, including top leadership members, has written to the Biden administration and EPA condemning its recent environmental regulations. They are aimed at forcing more electric vehicle (EV) purchases. The GOP members argued in the letter that the EPA’s current regulations target gas-powered vehicle tailpipe emissions. Actions the administration said would lead to increased EV adoption. This would lead to higher costs for consumers, and isolate Americans living in rural regions. Furthermore, it would increase U.S. economic dependence on China.

Watch fellow performance brands including Magnuson, Cobb Tuning, Livernois Motorsports, and Arrington Performance, testify in opposition to EPA-proposed emissions standards. During the public comment time, CEOs from the big brands spoke out.

Click here to sign a letter opposing the EPA’s proposal. Feel free to personalize the letter and explain how the agency’s push to an all-electric future will impact you or your business.

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Earlier in the news, the Belgian Military ordered JLTVs from the Oshkosh Corp. Oshkosh Defense, LLC, an Oshkosh Corp. company, announced that the Belgium Ministry of Defense has awarded Oshkosh Defense a contract for 322 Oshkosh Defense Command and Liaison Vehicles (CLV) for the Belgium Defense Forces.