2022 Toyota Tundra R&D

Banks Engineers recently got their hands on a fresh-off-the-assembly line 2022 Toyota Tacoma thanks to our friends at KC Hilites who will soon turn it into an overlanding beast. The plan was to begin exhaust development as well as fingerprint various electronic systems for parts like PedalMonster, iDash, etc. But for the exhaust, engineers start with a simple handheld laser scan. This works wonders when designing parts that need to conform to a specific size, knowing the size of the area that you have to work with, or capturing the dimensions of one-off prototypes for the transition to a CAD model.

When all is said and done they had a complete digital model. The little reflective sticker dots are placed along the surface of the objects that are to be scanned so that the gun’s lasers have reference points to better map the object or area. 

The gun uses blue laser technology for higher resolution and higher quality data collection, include depth of field, and features an array of 11 laser scan lines that crisscross for 22 scanning lines at one time, decreasing scan time and increasing accuracy. The device’s scans have an accuracy of 0.025 mm (or 0.0009 in). Stay tuned for Toyota parts!