A Gladiator ready for combat on any field

The thing that Michael Ryan loves about Banks PedalMonster and Derringer tuner is that they give him the ability to tune his Jeep instantly for any situation, and he’s integrating that adjustability into his driving lessons for his son.

“I’m currently running a PedalMonster and a Derringer on my modified 2020 Jeep Gladiator EcoDiesel,” explains Michael. “The first thing that I do is dial both of them down to stock. This way he gets a slow, predictable throttle response and no added power. As he progresses, I will dial the PedalMonster up to midway on CITY mode. This makes my diesel more responsive, like a gas motor. Nice and smooth, with lag-free throttle response.”

Michael takes advantage of the adjustability of the Derringer and PedalMonster when he hits the trails. “When I hop in I dial up the Derringer for the added power that I prefer. When I’m out playing in the mud I can dial up the PedalMonster to give me an immediate pedal response to keep from getting stuck. In the rocks, I tend to dial it back down again to finesse my Jeep over them. It isn’t just the power that you get from the Derringer, it’s how you get to apply it that makes it such a great benefit. The PedalMonster gives you total control of the throttle. And with both of them you can adjust how quickly the power comes on to suit the given conditions.”