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NEW BANKS PRODUCTS RELEASED AT UCC 2017 Azusa, Calif. – Banks Power is proud to present three new products for the 2013 – 17 Ram 6.7L. These components are designed to maximize intake air flow, increase boost air density, and can be used together, or separately. They will be on display at the Ultimate Callout Challenge event, taking place at Lucas Oil ... Read more about this post

Dupe – Combo Plate- Banks’ New Cummins 12-Valve Power Package No surprise, then. that Gale Banks of Banks Power wanted to add more 12-valve options to the company’s extensive line of diesel power adders. “We had planned to do that for some time, but didn’t have access to an engine,” he admitted. After locating a semi-stock ’96 Dodge with the 12-valve, the Banks procedure was ... Read more about this post

Combo Plate Banks’ New Cummins 12-Valve Power Package When the subject of the 12-valve Cummins comes up, words like “bulletproof,” “simple” and “reliable” are often used in the same sentence. The fact that the 12-valve has such good bones explains why it’s a favorite of tuners, racers and engine swappers alike. Why? It’s a simple design that can ... Read more about this post

120HP Shot Adding power with water-methanol injection. It may seem too good to be true, but injecting a mix of water and methanol into a diesel engine can increase horsepower and torque, improve fuel economy, and lower exhaust gas temperature (EGT) and NOx emissions. The “magic” happens when the additives super-cool the intake charge so the fuel can ... Read more about this post

Power from Water The Science Behind Banks Power’s New Water-Methanol System Water injection has been around almost as long as the internal combustion engine. It was first used to improve power, allow higher compression and save fuel on fighter planes during WWII. Both the Allies and Axis air forces used water injection in some applications. After the war, mechanics ... Read more about this post

Banks Power Water-Methanol Injection System Install Banks Power Ramps Up The Tuning Possibilities. Injecting water and/or methanol into a diesel engine (gas, too) has been around for more than 75 years, but it didn’t really have a good, practical application until WWII, when supercharged and turbocharged airplanes used the mix to boost horsepower by at least 50 percent. Sometimes called “chemical intercooler”, the ... Read more about this post

2007 BMW 335i Dyno Test Banks water-methanol injection and Cobb tuning Accessport tested on a BMW 335i. California is known for its sunny beaches, Hollywood lifestyle and terrible gas, especially in the winter when the percentage of ethanol increases. So when Sig Jamison, the owner of this ’07 BMW 335i, was preparing to ship his car from the East Coast, he ... Read more about this post

Birth of a Super-Turbo Diesel racing on a gigantic scale: Gale Banks and Mike Ryan team up to tackle Pikes Peak in a Freightliner semitruck. Gale Banks gets excited when he talks about the Super-Turbo Detroit Diesel engine setup he designed alongside his engineers for use in Mike Ryan’s Freightliner Pikes Peak race truck. Banks didn’t worry about taking on ... Read more about this post

Jeep Wrangler Banks Power Sidewinder Turbo System Install Go Toad: Adding Some Much Needed Power to the Jeep Wrangler with a Banks Sidewinder Turbo System. It’s unknown (to us at least) how many of us RVers tow a Jeep behind our motorhomes, but we’re sure it’s just got to be the majority. Seems just about every rig we see on the road that’s flat ... Read more about this post

Diesel Engine Mastermind Gale Banks Turning Talents Toward Class 8 Trucks Gale Banks has had his way with everything from Model A’s to streamliners, and now he’s set his sights on improving the performance of big rigs. He’s been called the “master of turbochargers” and a “turbo and diesel guru.” And now – after masterminding more than 50 years of engineering milestones – Gale Banks is turning ... Read more about this post