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Twin-Turbo Revival: Part 1 The History and Evolution of the Gale Banks Engineering Twin-Turbo Chevrolet V-8s Shown is one of Banks’ original blow-through-design twin-turbo small-block Chevrolet engines. These first-design “production” twin-turbos went into Banks’ GT Firebirds and Camaros. The engines made 500, 600 or 700 hp, depending on the depth of the customer’s pockets. Unless you’ve been living in a cave ... Read more about this post

They Thought Diesels Were All About Fuel Economy…Until I Beat Them by a Mile How I Taught My Friends a Thing or Two About Diesel Performance When I told my buddies I was buying a diesel pickup, they thought I was out of my mind. Leave it to friends to tell you when they think your doing something stupid. They brought up every negative aspect they ever heard about diesels. Understand, ... Read more about this post

Banks Readies for 2004 Bonneville The Banks Race Shop makes preparations to break its own diesel truck land speed record at Bonneville Some years ago, I had a photo assignment at Willow Springs Raceway to shoot a new 904 Porsche with a 911 engine replacing the original, damn-the-cost, four-cam, bevel-drive unit. As an on-again, off-again Porsche enthusiast, I had convinced myself ... Read more about this post

Power Up Your V-10 We Found More Power and Better Fuel Economy When Testing Banks PowerPack System for the Ford 6.8L There are many aftermarket performance products that claim they can squeeze more power and fuel economy from you full-size Ford truck. No aftermarket manufacturer however, has the history of performance capabilities for these trucks as Gale Banks Engineering. In ... Read more about this post

Power Parts A Hard Look at 7.3L Diesel Performance with Banks Engineering There are relatively few absolutes in life — death and taxes being the obvious front-runners; the others that we occasionally hear about don’t always pass muster. In the last few years of automotive design progress, the obscene pulling power of today’s diesel engines has become a ... Read more about this post

Banks Sidewinder Turbo Ford 6.9/7.3L diesel trucks This new turbocharger kit offers sizzling power and improved fuel economy for dieselpowered trucks For trailerists, the double-edged sword of power vs. fuel economy is ever-present; producing more power usually takes more fuel. However, turbochargers can change the rules, especially for diesels. After 34 years in the engine-performance business and 24 years producing kits ... Read more about this post

Engineering: Banks Runs for the Records Project Sidewinder’s goal is to break the Land Speed Record for any pickup, any class, gas or diesel… En_gi_neer_ing \ “en-je-‘nir-ing\ n: the practical use of science in industry, building and manufacturing. Driving out and onto the Bonneville Salt Flats one imagines suddenly being placed on a polar ice cap. The landscape is white like frozen snow, ... Read more about this post

Tow Truck Toys Duramax Upgrades for Power and Braking  The Banks Stinger Kit improves engine breathing with a complete 4-inch mandrel-bent stainless steel exhaust, a free-flowing drop=in air filter, and a replacement waste-gate actuator that permits the turbocharger to build more boost. Additional fuel is then added with Banks’ OttoMind inline computer that alters the data flowing in and ... Read more about this post

Will Dr. Diesel’s turn ever come? Other than big-rig drivers, Americans haven’t worked up much affection for the engine that Rudolf Diesel invented in 1897. Read on to see why that’s going to change. Other than big-rig drivers, Americans haven’t worked up much affection for the engines without spark plugs that Rudolf Diesel invented in 1897. Except for a brief burst of ... Read more about this post

Banks At Bonneville The dramatic story behind the creation of the Banks Sidewinder and its record-shattering run at Bonneville Hey, you out there in Illinois, South Carolina or (heaven forbid) Texas; have you ever dreamed of going to the Bonneville Salt Flats — going really fast and setting a record? This is a good, clean, honest car guy’s dream. ... Read more about this post