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A Surplus 6.2L Blazer Gets a Banks Sidewinder Turbo Kit A Surplus 6.2L Blazer Gets a Banks Sidewinder Turbo Kit Anyone over the age of 50 recalls the old “Jeep for $100” ads that used to be found in the back of such magazines as Popular Mechanics and Popular Science. What they failed to mention the Jeeps were in crates with some assembly required. However, there is still a great market for used military vehicles. ... Read more about this post

Oshkosh Attacks The Baja 1000 Oshkosh Attacks The Baja 1000Testing a New Tactical Diesel-Electric Hybrid The Baja 1000 is a two-day, 1,000-mile, off-road race that takes place every year in Mexico. It’s one of the most grueling motorsports events in the world. During a good year, only 58 percent of the vehicles that start the race ever cross the finish line. So when Oshkosh Defense ... Read more about this post

The Perfect Power Stroke The Perfect Power StrokeCraftsman Tools and Diesel Power magazine build the ultimate 6.4L Ford F-250. When Diesel Power magazine was contacted by Craftsman Tools to help build the ultimate bolt-on Ford diesel pickup, we jumped at the chance. Hot Rod and Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road magazines were also in on the challenge, each with their own modified versions of ... Read more about this post

The 454 Returns The 454 ReturnsThis time, it’s a 1,300HP diesel. Check out this one-of-a-kind engine build that’s after one thing: horsepower. The 454ci big-block gasoline V-8 may be one of the most coveted, recognizable powerplants ever cast by General Motors. Its large displacement and big bore gave it the kind of low-rpm power a small-block owner could only dream of. ... Read more about this post

The Fundamentals of Diesel Performance The Fundamentals of Diesel PerformanceWhat do you have to gain from adding a Banks Big Hoss Bundle to your truck? The answer is a whole lot of awesome power and durability, as the guys from Truckin’ magazine found out when they power-up’d a Ford 6.4L. In a special edition of Truckin’ magazine, we upgrade a Ford 6.4L turbodiesel for performance ... Read more about this post

Power Stroke Bulletproofing Tactics Power Stroke Bulletproofing TacticsHow to make a 6.0L more powerful while maintaining reliability. Gale Banks knows diesel engines. Having been in the business for more than 52 years, his name is to the diesel industry what Vic Edelbrock’s is to hot rods. And it didn’t become that way by accident. Banks is a detail-oriented man, who stops at nothing ... Read more about this post

800HP Twin-Turbo Duramax Crate Engine 800HP Twin-Turbo Duramax Crate EngineThis supercharged twin-turbo marine engine could pave the way for your next diesel swap Diesel engines are at their best when the conditions they have to perform in are at their worst. They thrive on hard work, heavy loads, and continuous use-so it’s no surprise that diesels are the powerplant of choice in the trucking, mining, ... Read more about this post

Smarter Tuner Smarter TunerThe Banks iQ is a full-fledged, handheld computer. THE WORD “SMART” CAN BE DEFINED in many ways; one of them is “capable of independent and apparently intelligent action,” and the other is “chic, elegant, and stylish.” The new Banks iQ Dashboard PC is truly a combination of both. The Banks iQ Dashboard PC is a full-fledged, handheld ... Read more about this post

Banks Breather Banks BreatherThe new Ram-Air intake for ’99-03 Power Strokes sucks big time. But in a good way. Engines like to breathe to make power, and what they like the most is clean air, a lot of air, and dense cold air. Banks Power’s new Ram-Air intake for diesel trucks promises all three by using an enclosed system ... Read more about this post

Banks Power IQ Computer – Smarts + Muscle Banks Power IQ Computer - Smarts + MuscleIn today’s computer age, everything we touch during our daily lives is related to or controlled by a computer. In your gas or diesel-powered truck and SUV, there are multiple computers keeping tabs on engine, tranny, and braking performance. It only makes sense in the search to squeeze out as much extra performance as possible ... Read more about this post